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Discover Benidorm

Discover everything that the city of Benidorm has to offer. In this section you will find a more synthesized summary of all the products, segments and promotion strategies developed by Visit Benidorm.

Benidorm Smart City + Safe

With a focus on being updated to the new reality, we have taken action so that we could evolve from being just a Smart Tourist Destination to becoming a Smart Tourist Destination + Safe.

Green Benidorm

Benidorm’s aim is to reduce the environmental impact while offering quality tourism. Find out what we’re doing to achieve that and why Benidorm is so ecofriendly.

Benidorm for Families

With an infinite variety of activities for both adults and children of all ages, having fun in Benidorm is guaranteed. Discover what makes Benidorm an ideal destination for families.

Benidorm LGBTQ+

It’s easy to provide a LGBTQ+ friendly offer full of of dynamism and value if you’re the one of the most cosmopolitan, fun, outgoing and colourful cities in the country. Discover everything about this side of Benidorm in this section.

Digital Nomads Benidorm

Benidorm aims to attract talent and new clients to our city by offering the possibility of teleworking from Benidorm, by combining work and leisure. Read this section for more information.

Benidorm Active & Sports

Benidorm’s sports offer is so large that it’s suitable for all types of segments, such as families, young people, groups or couples. Unlimited activities for a unique holiday, that’s Benidorm.

Benidorm Meetings & Events

Benidorm is increasingly committed to becoming a reference destination in meeting and incentive tourism. Therefore, it has developed a specialized offer addressed to all kind of MICE trips.

Benidorm Film Friendly

Benidorm Film Friendly

Benidorm is a Mediterranean city with good weather all year round, unique locations and an audiovisual industry with years of experience. All this has allowed our destination to position itself as a perfect filming location.

Benidorm Fresh & Tasty

The richness and variety of Benidorm’s gastronomy has been achieved thanks to taking on the influence of our ancestors and other civilizations.

Benidorm Culture & History

Benidorm is also history and culture, and in this section we want to put them both into value and let you discover this other side of our city.

Benidorm Dog Friendly

Find out in this section what we have accomplished so that Benidorm could become a Dog Friendly destination. You can also find all the useful information on how to travel to Benidorm with your dog.

Benidorm Shopping

Benidorm is like an open roof shopping center, as you can stroll peacefully along its streets because most of them are pedestrianized. Learn more about Benidorm shopping in this section.

Benidorm Nightlife

Benidorm is a leading city as well as a first-rate destination, but it also has an unbeatable nightlife, where everyone’s bound to have fun.

Benidorm Surrounding Areas

Due to its proximity to many mountains and parklands, a holiday in Benidorm makes you want to discover its surroundings where you can discover surprising spots of varied topography and natural beauty.

Benidorm represents like no other city the ideal of the Welfare State.

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